Hungarian Security Industry Forum

Hungarian Security Industry Forum

Dear All, We would like to sincerely thank all of those who were able to attend the ’Hungarian Security Industry Forum’ yesterday. The event provided a great opportunity for us to showcase eight promising, innovative Hungarian SMEs from the security industry, an industry which heavily relies on innovation and creative solutions. We were especially happy to hear that many of the companies that were showcased generated quite a lot of interest during and after the event.

This was our first event of its kind which was hosted under the banner of the BPDC,Business Promotion and Development Campus, program. This program’s goal is to fuel the Hungarian innovative spirit that has been burning for hundreds of years, to help promote products which were not only ‘made in Hungary’ but were ‘invented in Hungary’, and to provide an opportunity for small and medium companies to explore the U.S. markets.

Among the participating companies were ARH, who develop devices and software with image recognition and data processing capabilities; OTT-ONE, who develop signature authentication, vein and iris scanning, streaming, and security systems; Proper, who provide many types of perimeter protection solutions; LoxTop, who create smart storage, key management, and tracking solutions; GAMMA, who are defense suppliers with many innovative products such as their own heavy-armored vehicles and protective equipment; Magnus Aircraft, who develop small and efficient aircraft; LDSZ, who develop and provide a variety of crime prevention and safety systems; andStarschema, who specialize in providing important big-data solutions and services.

Please let us know if you would like to get in touch with any of the presenters or companies.

We hope to see everybody at our future events as well!

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Key management System Cabinet




It’s a very good question and everyone shall ask him- or herself. Are the keys stored in a safe and secured place? Are they used always just by authorized person or others could have access to those keys too? What could go wrong if someone steals or loses an important key, and how can you take actions to find out who's responsible for the loss of the missing key. With the LoxTop key management systems you will always have up-to-date information about your keys. Due to the embedded industrial Windows PC you can easily check for history in the Log. Giving permissions to users which keys are allowed to use in which time period either in front of the terminal or through the Web-Interface.

Integration Partner

Lenel Integration OnGuard System

The LoxTop Key Management and Intelligent Storage Cabinet Systems are compatible and can be integrated into the Lenel OnGuard system. The integration is available through the ongoing interface developments and the Lenel OpenAccess Alliance Program.

Through this advancement the OnGuard administrators have access to database synchronization, and key management system databases. The key management cabinet can communicate with access control systems, and key management can be done easily.


Fire & Bullet-Proof Cabinet Video

fireproof key management video

Fire and bullet-proof safe with integrated asset storage and key management system. The system is modular, so the set-up of key management and asset storage modules can be customized. The safe can be ordered with a transparent bulletproof glass, or fully plated design.

IQ CleverKey System Cabinet
Key Management Security
Key Cabinet System
Smart Key Holder

rfid clever key
Your key holders are equipped with a unique RFID tags. Either you can use a simple wall cabinet with or without door or for higher security you could use boxes with inside keys to store huge key bunches and important keys. To pick up a key the user has to identify him / herself with access code or add for higher security an RFID Card and/or Fingerprint reader.

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