We provide the following services for our installed systems

  • System Support
  • 24 hours of continous support service under warranty and post-warranty
  • Maintenance within a maintenance contract
  • Non contractual case repair
  • Periodic verification
  • Improvement / Repair under warranty and replacement of assets

If the client contributes, or rather the technical access is possible, in this case we are monitoring the maintained or system supported security systems through our computerized monitoring system. Hereby the the troubleshooting can be solved remotely, what reduces the prevention time and cost.

In our products we use the the most recent micro-electronical devices, equipments, improvements, with this help we deliver high reliability and high tech equipments and systems for our costumers.

The main directions of our development

  • Development, manufacture, and transportation of different monitoring and automation systems, support system
  • Measuring data storage systems (villamos, gas, heat) remote reading
  • Building engineering and surveillance systems
  • Video-monitoring systems
  • Gas and fire detection systems
  • Person and vehicle access control systems
  • Key Management System
  • Biometric identification (face identification)
  • License plate number identification
  • RFID-based commodity tracking and logistic applications
  • GPS-based positioning systems
  • Key management system
  • Key tracking
  • Key cabinets
  • Key locker system
  • Intelligent storage system
  • Monitoring system
  • RFID hardware and software solutions
  • Software systems
  • Identification and tracking systems


Software engineering, application software, programming

The system’s software are fully developed by the LoxTop Ltd., thus we have the oppurtunity to satisfy our client’s special and individual needs,demands. We serve our clients flexible and adapted to the current situation.
Generally we are improving our software in .NET ambience (2.0, 3.5, Compact Framework), the code is written in C# language. We use the actual version of the Microsoft Visual Studio for generative device. Our systems are using the Microsoft SQL database operator for storing datas, but for special claim the ORACLE is also supported.

We are making WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and WinForm applications too for the configuration for the desktop software surface. The web services are developed by the ASP.NET (2.0, 3.5), and for web server we use the Internet Information Service.

The managing of the distributed system’s process are solved with Windows Service applications, which we are also developing in .NET settings or by the help of Delphi on native way.

We are using the .NET Compact Framework correct version for the development of mobil applications, if the operating system of the given asset allows this. (WinCE, Windows Mobile 5.x, 6.x)

The development of the microcontrolled softwares happen on the language of C/C++ on native way, just as we are using the .NET Micro Framework depending from the task. The controlling of the electronic circuits depended on task and cost, we are realizing by the following microcontrollers:

Manufacturing family types

Microchip PIC The most appropriate is variable
Atmel ARM SAM7, SAM9
Atmel AVR Atmega, Attiny

We use the Microsoft Source Safe version control system to track our system versions, and with it we can guarantee the secured storage of codes.

The current status of the development process, the requirements about the system, and the prepared documents are shared between each others by our designing developers on the intranet Sharepoint portal.

RFID scopes

  • RFID areas of application
  • Safety and access control systems
  • Vehicle access control
  • Asset management
  • Patient identification in hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Hotels, beach, watering-place
  • Airport package posting services
  • Mail-order services
  • Protection against counterfeiting
  • Animal identification, animal registration
  • Public transport
  • Social and sport events
  • Taking out traveller and highway tickets
  • Paying cards, club cards
  • Laundry
  • Libraries, clubs
  • National Defense

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Worldwide Customer Service

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Key management System Cabinet




It’s a very good question and everyone shall ask him- or herself. Are the keys stored in a safe and secured place? Are they used always just by authorized person or others could have access to those keys too? What could go wrong if someone steals or loses an important key, and how can you take actions to find out who's responsible for the loss of the missing key. With the LoxTop key management systems you will always have up-to-date information about your keys. Due to the embedded industrial Windows PC you can easily check for history in the Log. Giving permissions to users which keys are allowed to use in which time period either in front of the terminal or through the Web-Interface.

Integration Partner

Lenel Integration OnGuard System

The LoxTop Key Management and Intelligent Storage Cabinet Systems are compatible and can be integrated into the Lenel OnGuard system. The integration is available through the ongoing interface developments and the Lenel OpenAccess Alliance Program.

Through this advancement the OnGuard administrators have access to database synchronization, and key management system databases. The key management cabinet can communicate with access control systems, and key management can be done easily.


Fire & Bullet-Proof Cabinet Video

fireproof key management video

Fire and bullet-proof safe with integrated asset storage and key management system. The system is modular, so the set-up of key management and asset storage modules can be customized. The safe can be ordered with a transparent bulletproof glass, or fully plated design.

IQ CleverKey System Cabinet
Key Management Security
Key Cabinet System
Smart Key Holder

rfid clever key
Your key holders are equipped with a unique RFID tags. Either you can use a simple wall cabinet with or without door or for higher security you could use boxes with inside keys to store huge key bunches and important keys. To pick up a key the user has to identify him / herself with access code or add for higher security an RFID Card and/or Fingerprint reader.

Our main customers are the follows
  • Banks
  • Government institutions
  • Hospitals, Healthcare facilities
  • Military
  • Power plants
  • Hotels, hostels, resorts
  • Conference centers
  • Universities, colleges
  • Corporate buildings
  • Property management
  • Security companies
  • Car rentals & Fleet management