The aim of the LoxTop is to provide key management, key tracking, key security and key management system, the different RFID based intelligent storage systems, accessing systems, also to provide highly innovative and high service content and quality products and services on the electronic security and safety equipment market, as well as the quality controlled methods to be suitable for the American and European markets and for the costumers expectations from the international regions.


LoxTop™ Factory

LoxTop Factory

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Management principles

  • Specify the definition and documentation of customer requirements
  • Effective management of development projects
  • Accurate identification and control of service processes
    to ensure proper quality product and service during the production
  • Effective communication with our partners and systems
  • Long-term technical support for our partners
  • Precise determination the duties and tasks of our employees
  • All aspects of business requirements should be confirmed

We formed and maintain an effective organizational structure, which has been made stable by reliable and professional staff in the managing and producer positions.

The LoxTop is committed to the efficient operation of the system, to satisfying the needs of our clients with the key management products, to ensure the quality of service, and to provide effective communication with our partners.


We use the latest microelectronic devices, equipments and developments, with the application of these high reliability and high-tech equipment key management system delivered to our customers.

The hardware and software for the key management system is fully developed by our partner company called LoxTop, which enables us to meet costumer's specific individual needs and expectations. We can serve our clients flexibly, can adapt to the current situation.

The testing of the products takes place in the LoxTop's own factory. The vendored equipments, systems, and the operating hardwares, devices and also the softwares programs are under continuous development and takes into consideration of our partner's needs.

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140 West Huffaker Lane,
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USA Free Call:
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Support: +1 (239) 220 5466

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Almaskerti Ipari Park 14.
5600 Hungary EU

Customer Service: +36 (30) 907 1252
Head Office: +36 (66) 520 980

Support: +1 (239) 220 5466

Registered Company:
LoxTop Ltd.
Budapest, Hungary EU 1114
Registry#: 01-09-739272


The technical equipment of the devices are high leveled in the European Union developer and manufacturer factory. The manufacturing technology required by to fulfill the instrumentation, machinery and computer equipment as well. The latest developing environment, hardware and software developing tools are available for our software developers.


For the vendored and delivered Key Management and the Box Storage products the LoxTop give you 2 years full warranty. The warranty of the products spread out for the internal hardware and software. Long term hardware and software support and spare parts supply are available for our products.


If the client agrees and the technical access is available, in this case we monitor the maintained or the system supported key management system through our computer monitoring system. Thus the troubleshoot is possible remotely, which reduces the response time and cost.